Stylo Mama Gel Ice (Cold Pack) - 3 pcs

Stylo Mama Gel Ice (cold pack) is fabricated specially for keeping Mama's breastmilk up to 14 hours.


Store Gel Ice in freezer for overnight and it can last up to 14 hours. It is a reusable gel ice and consider damage when punched.

Material: Thermagard®

Thermagard® effectively reflects up to 97% of all radiant thermal energy directed at it. It fabricates easily, can be sewn or welded, is highly puncture-resistant, and lends itself to gas-flushing. Because of its unique properties, Thermagard® is the most effective answer to the problem of heat management.

Packaging of Fresh and Perishable Products 
When used with proper refrigerants, ThermaGard® - packed frozen, chilled, or fresh products freighted over long distances, arrive in pristine condition. This means for you, commanding premium market prices for your products

Protection of TemperatureSensitive Products 
ThermaGard® acts as ultra protective insulation barriers against radiant heat for pallets of temperature-sensitive precision items in the aviation, scientific and medical industries.

Insulation of Industrial Buildings & Domestic Homes 
ThermaGard® excellent thermal characteristics, fire-retardant compound, and 'easy-to-install' flexibility, make it the perfect material for use in the insulation of industrial buildings and domestic homes. Acting in tandem with conventional insulation, ThermaGard®'s high performance in minimizing heat penetration results in energy-saving, cost-effective environments that contribute to reduced maintenance cost.

Practical, Personal Products 
ThermaGard® can be easily fabricated into designs of household and personal items such as protective covers, bags, sun-cap, clothing, umbrella, etc.